How to send money abroad from Malaysia

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send money overseas


There are few ways on how to send money overseas. The most important factor is all these methods are secure and easy. Here are few services for money transfer
that available here in Malaysia.


Western Union

This is the oldest money transfer company with a trusted reputation worldwide.There are many western union agents here in Malaysia. The most common place to find these agents is at foreign exchange counter.If you want to do it online maybank2u is one of their agent too. You can use maybank2u to transfer money via the Western Union.

The best part of sending via the Western Union is the recipient can collect the money almost immediately. You can also track your transactions and provide the recipient many options to collect the cash wheater direct bank-in or self-collection at
the counter.



This company caters money transfer, especially to China, Philippines, and Indonesia. The money can be sent real-time and the recipient doesn’t have to pay extra fees for
collection. The money will be transferred straight to the recipient account.

Furthermore, they only charged a flat rate of RM 10, RM 15 and RM 25 to transfer money to these 3 major countries China, Indonesia and Philippines.

There are limits on how much each customer can send per day.

China: USD 3000.00
Indonesia : RM 50,000.00
Philippines : PHP 100,000.00

The only way to do this is over the counter at Hong Leong bank Branches.There is no online transfer feature at the moment.This is one of the cheapest options to send
money overseas especially to these 3 countries.


Foreign Telegraphic Transfers

Usually, banks will offer foreign telegraphic transfers service for money transfer overseas.The service is convenient because you can do it from home through online
banking.The Charges for service fee is RM 10.60 ( including GST) + transaction fees charged by the bank in the recipient’s country.The charges usually in US Dollar.



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How to send money abroad from Malaysia

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