How to renew your car insurance , takaful and road tax online with

Renewing your can insurance can be seem pretty tedious especially for the first timer. Here at we try to make the process as simple as we can.There few ways that you can use to ask for quotation from us.Our commitment that we will try to give the best price and service to our customers. Below are few methods on how to ask for car insurance or takaful quotation from us.

First Method : online form

Here you can just fill in the necessary information and click request for quotation.Your information will be stored in our system and we will remind you again when your car insurance , takaful and road-tax is near to be expired.Usually we will contact you within 24-48 hours if your data is complete. If your data is not complete then we will email your one more time to ask for necessary information.


Second Method : Whataaps or Phone

The Second method is that you can click on the circled link to direct contact your staff to request for quotation.This method is faster because you can chat with our staff in realtime. You can also ask anything regarding car insurance , takaful and road tax when engaging with our staff.You may also call our staff directly if you have any question regarding our services.


Method 3 : Email 

You may also email us directly at


Method 4 : Direct PM 

Whatapps Dapatkan Sebut Harga Takaful Kenderaan dan Cukai jalan Murah dan Pantas daripada kami

Penghantaran ke pintu rumah dalam masa 24 jam dikawasan sekitar Kuala Lumpur dan Selangor

How to renew your car insurance , takaful and road tax online with

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