The procedure of using medical card in Malaysia

Most of the personal medical cards in the market do not cover outpatient treatment. Do make sure that you have referred letter by GP for admission.Whatever treatment you want to do whether it
X-RAY, MRI or any other form of test or treatment make sure that Guaranteed Letter ( GL) is already approved and submitted to the hospital.If you don’t wait for GL and go ahead with the treatment, you will be considered outpatient and all the treatment you received as an outpatient will not be reimbursed.

Step 1: Get refer letter from GP

Step 2: Wait for GL to be approved

Step 3: Get yourself admitted to hospital before doing any test or treatment.

This is very important if you do not follow the procedure you may end up paying with your own
money for the treatment which is not cheap.

The procedure of using medical card in Malaysia

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