What is Personal Accident Insurance / Takaful?

What it covers?

Personal Accident Takaful offers you protection against injuries, disability, and death caused by accident. The coverage usually will pay for surgery and hospitalization expenses,
funeral expenses and temporary or permanent disability. What coverages included are depends on your policy?

PA policy usually stated that it covers medical and hospitalization expenses but bear in mind the coverage differs from what you get from health insurance. It only cover if the cause of
the injury is an accident.
What it does not cover?

The policy won’t cover any injury or death caused by self – injury, terrorism, the case of provoked violence and all exclusions stated on your policy. Personal accident only cover the policyholder on the event of injury or death caused by accident. The policy will not cover anything else for example property or any other item belongs to the policy holder.


Who should get the policy

1. If you are planning to travel abroad – the reason is Personal accident policy has worldwide coverage
2. If you purchased third party insurance for your vehicle
3. If you have high-risk job
4. If you plan to do high-risk activity

* The insurance/Takaful company may reject your application if you have any attention to do high-risk activity.


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What is Personal Accident Insurance / Takaful?

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