Online Car Insurance Renewal with Etiqa Takaful – Malaysia

Renew Car Insurance Motor Takaful Online MYEG     

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Step by step guide how to renew Etiqa Takaful Online


How to renew your car insurance with Etiqa Takaful. The benefit of getting car insurance at Etiqa Takaful is their system is super user-friendly. You basically only need

  •   Owner’s ic number
  •   Plate number

By having these 2 details, the system will do anything else for you.

The system will generate everything from

  • Model of the car
  • NCD
  • Period of Coverage
  • Sum Covered
  • Total Premium

If you agree with the price then you can proceed with the payment. Once payment made Etiqa Takaful Online Renewal System will generate your car insurance policy and send directly to your email. One policy generated then you can proceed to MYEG website to renew your road tax.


Online Car Insurance Renewal with Etiqa Takaful – Malaysia

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