Important things that you need to do after car accident ( at the scene)

What to do at the scene after an accident ?

After an accident occurred it does not matter who caused the accident and there is no need of quarreling or yelling. Go out from your vehicle and smile to
other party.

1. Be Calm

It is normal the first reaction after an accident it would be panic. Take a deep breath and look at the damage of the vehicle. It is normal you will be pressured by the other
party but stay composed and calmed.

  • Never admit that you are the one who caused the accident.
  • Don’t apologize to the other party.
  • Don’t try negotiate anything with the other party.
  • Never agreed to accept of offer settlement.
  • Speak with your agent , insurance company for advice.

2. How to handle other party.

When confronted such an event , dealing with people can be tricky. Some people are rational and calm and some might be emotional.Never blamed other party and stay on your ground.Even though the accident happened clearly because of your fault just tell the other party that you will be making a police report and ask him/her to do the same.

3. What if the other party does not agree and leave the scene.

Ask advice from you insurance agent or your insurance company.Do be aware the other party  car registration number to make sure that you can make claim KFK claim from other party insurance.
If the other party does not corporate you still can make a claim but the process might be little bit longer. It is really important that your snap or write down other party vehicle registration
number.The insurance company should be able to assist you on your claim.

  • Understand the situation
  • What is actually happened?
  • Who were involved ?
  • How many vehicles involved?
  • Who crashed into who?

4. Write down important information and evidence

  •  Date and time of the accident
  • Name of parties involved in the accident
  • Phone number
  • Vehicle registration number of vehicle involved.

5. Call insurance company helpline for tow truck

Usually insurance company will tow your vehicle for free to the nearest panel workshop. Please make sure that the tow truck is sent by insurance company not other third party service.
It is really important to send the vehicle to panel workshop because they have system linked to insurance company to make the claim process according to the scheduled.

Important things that you need to do after car accident ( at the scene)

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