Hospital Cash Insurance – How does it works?

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Hospital Cash insurance is a type of insurance that will pay you daily cash amount.It does not matter which hospital you choose to have a treatment, the insurance will pay according to the daily amount stated on the policy. It is a stand-alone policy and it will work well together with your medical card coverage.

Who needs hospital cash insurance

Usually, your medical card has a cash allowance benefit that will compensate daily cash amount during hospitalization.However, if you are self-employed and don’t have a fixed income, an extra amount would be helpful to help with your expenses to replace your lost income.

Example :

You are an Uber driver and you made roughly around RM 4000.00 every month. During hospitalization, you would definitely lose the income. Your daily cash benefit from the medical card is RM 100.00 a day.In total, you can get only RM 3000.00 monthly. If you have hospital cash allowance that can give you RM 100.00 more that will definitely cover your cost for that particular month. The purpose of the insurance is to help you cover your expenses that loss during hospitalization.


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Hospital Cash Insurance – How does it works?

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