Extra benefits that might hidden inside your medical card coverage

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Personal Accident

Most of the medical cards have included personal accident coverage inside the coverage. If you end up involved in an accident and suffer disability the insurance company will pay
a lumpsum amount according to your policy.


Overseas Emergency Assistance

If you got sick while traveling , most of the insurance companies offer international emergency assistance for your disposal such as medical evacuation.
Some companies even cover flight ticket for relative to visit you if you have to be admitted for long term period.


Reimbursement for alternative treatment

Sometime you might need alternative or traditional treatment in your case.some companies do offer reimbursement for alternative treatment such as acupuncture and chiropractic practice.


Reimbursement for nutritional medicines

During treatment, if you have a need for an extra supplement or nutritional herbs, certain medical cards will have you covered.  will reimburse up to RM 500.00 per admission
for nutritional medicines as long you have been admitted for more than 5 days.


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Extra benefits that might hidden inside your medical card coverage

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