About Us

We are providing services for motor and non motor coverage.

We have been in the general insurance/takaful business since 2010.

Our speciality is to provide coverage for your property ,car or businesses.


What are we providing?

Motor Takaful/Insurance and roadtax renewal

We can cater the best protection for your vehicle at the best price.

Our advantage is to provide no loading no excess coverage for almost type of vehicle including

4WD, BMW and superbikes.


Protection for your home ( Policy will be given on the dot)

We can provide coverage for your home via houseowner/householder policy.

Our different we can provide policy to you right after the contribution is paid. on the dot.


Fire below 5 million ( Policy will be given on the dot)

Coverage below 5 million , policy wil be printed and given to you on the dot.

no need to wait few weeks just to get your policy sent to you.


Contractor all risk / Workman Compensation

Coverage below 1 million. Policy will be printed on the dot.

If you are a contractor and looking for the policy fast to make a claim from

principal then we are the right guy for you.


Personal Accident 

Coverage for group or individual. policy will be printed on the dot.

no need to worry if you need policy fast to travel ovease , we can resolve

the issue for you.

  • Individual Personal Accident
  • Group Personal Accident
  • Travel Personal Accident


Foreign worker 

We have experience in foreign worker coverage and we want to make the process easy for you.

What do you need for foreign worker coverage

  • FWCS


Our service is to provide the best consultation for our client for their protection of their property , vehicle, business and personal accident.

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