4 reasons why Etiqa Takaful is the best option for car insurance/takaful

When choosing an insurance provider for your car, make sure that your car is sufficiently covered and that you will be served efficiently.

Among the important factors you should consider when renewing your car insurance are the speed of claims processing, coverage options, roadside assistance and premium prices.

Here are the top 4 reasons why you should choose Etiqa when renewing your car insurance:

  1. We’re the Best in Claims Settlement
    Claims settlement shouldn’t be a painful process. Our award winning claims team is committed to ensuring that your claims are settled fast and with the least amount of hassle:

    • Fast track claims approval in 30 minutes for accident claims below RM30,000 at Premier Workshops and RM5,000 at standard Panel Workshops.
    • Online status check for windscreen or accident claims via www.etiqa.com.my by just keying in your vehicle number and accident date.
    • Warranty up to 12 months or 6,000km against defects on parts and workmanship under our panel repairer.
    • Over 33 Premier Workshops and 453 Panel Workshops across every corner of Malaysia.
    • 24-hour Roadside Assistance and Towing Service, 365 day a year.
    • 15-minute windscreen claim settlement if submission is made directly to our Claims team at Dataran Maybank.

    Hey, we weren’t awarded The Best Takaful Operator 2016 at the MRC Symposium 2017 for the fastest claims process for nothing.

  1. Our Coverage Options are Second to None
    In addition to the standard comprehensive policy offered by other general insurance companies, Etiqa also offers car insurance add-ons to ensure your car as well your passengers are sufficiently covered for the following:

    • Basic Flood Coverage – covers your car against damages caused by floods and thunderstorms.
    • Agreed Value – insuring your car at an amount that is agreed upon between you and Etiqa.
    • DPPA – Driver and Passengers’ PA covers you and your passengers up to RM15,000 in the event of Death or Total Permanent Disability.
    • Compensation for Loss of Use (CLU) – we will compensate you for the costs incurred while your car is in the workshop.
    • Compensation for Assessed Repair Time (CART) – we will compensate you for the costs incurred while your car is being repaired and many MORE.
  1. We have a dedicated Customer Support team
    We are with you every step of the way. Whether it’s a general enquiry or to check on your claims or policy status, you can communicate with us through any mode of communication.

    • Phone: Dedicated 24-hour Claims Careline at 1-300-88-1007 for claims enquiry or Etiqa Oneline at 1-300-13-8888 during office hours and between 8.30am – 12.30pm on Saturdays.
    • Whatsapp: Whatsapp Claims Careline at +6019 352 6479.
    • Online: 24-hour Live Chat Support on Etiqa website for any general enquiries.
    • MyAccount: To check your claims history and policy status.
  1. We have Etiqa Auto Assist to Your Rescue
    Heroes don’t wear capes . They’re called Etiqa Auto Assist. Whether you need assistance on or off the road, our Etiqa superheroes will come to your rescue wherever you are, 24-7.

    • Roadside Repairs – we can help you jump start or replace your car battery, replace damaged tyres, or refill fuel.
    • Towing Services (Accident or Breakdown)* – free towing up to 200km to the nearest Etiqa panel workshop or nearest authorised franchise workshop. Additional mileage is RM1.50/km.
    • Alternative Travel Arrangement – we can help you to arrange for a taxi, make hotel reservations or rent a car in case you are stranded somewhere when your car breaks down or meets with an accident.
    • Vehicle Repatriation to Malaysia – we can help arrange to bring your car back to Malaysia if you meet with an accident or breakdown overseas.
    • Family & Friends – in the event that you are travelling in a vehicle that belongs to a family member or friend and get into a situation that requires assistance, don’t worry, we can still extend the benefits of Etiqa Auto Assist for a fee.

Note: While this is a complimentary service to our Etiqa Motor policyholders, additional costs for replacement parts (eg: battery, fuel and tyres ) and others costs (toll charges, alternative travel, repatriation, emergency evacuation and family & friends) will be borne by policyholders.

Insurance is not a commodity. You are basically purchasing a promise to pay. The most important consideration when renewing your car insurance is that your insurance company will be there for you when a claim arises. Therefore, always consider an insurance company that won’t let you down during a claims settlement, followed by the coverage options available and the after sales support, THEN compare prices.


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4 reasons why Etiqa Takaful is the best option for car insurance/takaful

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