Soon everybody can enjoy lower car insurance/Takaful Premium – Motor Insurance/Takaful Liberalization

Starting 1/7/2017 liberalization of motor insurance will take place. Motor Insurance premium will be determined according to individual risk factors. There will be few factors will be considered by Insurance/Takaful Companies

Such as:

Sum Insured
Cubic Capacity
Age of Vehicle
Age of Driver
Occupation of the driver
Safety and security features in the vehicle
Duration of the vehicle on the road
Traffic offenses record

In order for an individual to enjoy lower car insurance/Takaful premium, he or she has to make sure that the vehicle is properly protected by safety features and parked at the low-risk location.Traffic offenses record also will be an important factor in determining Car Insurance/Takaful Premium.The behavior of the driver can be seen based on the traffic offenses record.Usually, an accident happens due to bad driving, by charging a higher premium to bad drivers will give the ability to the insurer to charge a low premium for other individuals.

It is better to charge a premium based on risk factor because consumers can work on the factors to lower their premium. This will encourage consumers to be careful on the road and properly protected their vehicle.


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