Scammer how to avoid them


The scammer often disguises as someone important that you can trust, like a government official, dato or maybe a charity. Please be careful if you happen to bump into the situation. Never give money or pesonal information because
they usually do everything in their power to gain your trust and get their hand into your pocket.

Background check

Whatever business you wanted to venture in, please do an online search on Google.  If they happen to be a fraud, you will definitely find it on google.

Phone call

If someone calls asking for your personal information such as bank account or your credit card number, just hang up.Bank or financial institution would never ask for confidential information.

Online shopping Always

Always search on the internet looking for reviews. If you want to buy something outside of big marketplace like LAZADA or eBay , you need to ask the community if
the seller is trusted or not.

Scammer how to avoid them

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