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Register as partner to earn side income from Car Insurance Business, totally Free register now

Refer us your friends and families, and earn 5% referral fees,  below is what you must do to earn referral fees

  • You have to issue the insurance yourself at our website in order to earn referral fees
  • You cannot issue your own insurance to get referral fees , you have to refer somebody else to earn the referral fees.
  • You have to be registered as a partner at in order to get referral fees

please go to Agent>issue covernote   to issue covernote for referral

if you dont know , you can to to our step by step instruction on how to issue insurance for referral

Referral will be paid on 15th and end of the month every month.

  • Every covernote issued within 1st-15th , referral fees will be on the last day of each month.
  • Every covernote issued within 15th-last day of the month , referral fees will be paid on the 15th on the next consecutive month.

please go to Agent> submit plate number or whatapps no plet to 012-3287042

after you finished issue insurance for referral.


  • Vehicle that can be accepted by the system
  • Value RM 300,00.00 and less
  • Age of vehicle 15 years and below
  • Private and commercial vehicle ( no motorcycle, lorry , bus and taxi)


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