How to request quotation via whatapps?

You dont need original vehicle certificate ( geran). 

  • you just need to whatapps owner’s ic number and plate number
  • we will email the price for insurance and roadtax within 1/2 hour.
  • if you agreed with the price , bankin the amount and we will send back covernote via email.


If you want us to renew the roadtax ,

  • you can pickup the roadtax on the same day or the next day.
  • if you want us to post the roadtax , we will post the roadtax via pos laju on the same day or the next day.



  • If the covernote issued before 12 pm , you can pickup the roadtax before 5pm.
  • if the covernote issued after 12 pm , you can pickup the roadtax before 12 am on the next day.

same goes for postage delivery.


How to issue your own car insurance/Takaful

  • Click on this link to   generate your own car insurance
  • just keyin owner’s ic number and plate number
  • NCD , Model and premium will be generated automatically
  • make a payment
  • generate Takaful Certificate
  • go to MYEG website to make roadtax


if you dont have your covernote , please let us know your vehicle and your current insurer , we will get the information from insurer.

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