Home Fire Insurance – What do you need to know ?

Your home most probably the most expensive investment you ever made in  your life item. hence , you might thinking that you need the most comprehensive coverage to protect it. They are various type in insurance for you to consider to cover you propert , such as

1 Fire Insurance
2 House owner ( fire insurance for your home)
3 House holder( content insurance)

What does fire insurance covered ?

The basic policy of fire insurance covers damages caused by fire , lightning and explosion. However you can purchase extended perils such as storm and tempest, flood, riot and etc. Purchasing extra coverage means you need to pay extra premium for the extended perils.

Before you decide to take fire insurance for you property , there ara several things that needs to be considered.

1. Type of propery.

If you property is non-landed there is pretty good chance that the  management of the property has already purchase the fire policy. The cost usually covered by the maintainence fees paid by owners.
2. Location
The location of the property is important to determine if you need extra coverage.
3. Determine the right sum covered of the property

The sum covered should include the cost of rebuilding , renovation and  repairing the property.


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Home Fire Insurance – What do you need to know ?

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