Tips Contractors All Risks ( CAR) insurance in Malaysia

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Contractors All risks insurance basically covered a property and third-party or damaged claims. All construction project must have contractors all riks insurance. The project usually involves 2 primary types of risks

1 . Damage to property
2. Third party claims of injury or damage.

Damage to property may include the

1. failure to construct structure properly.
2. Damage during the renovation.

Third parties like subcontractors may have injured while working at the construction site. Basically, the 2 risks are combined into one policy to cover the project.

The goal of CAR insurance is to ensure everybody who is involved in the project is properly covered.

CAR insurance usually covered

1. Fire
2. Flood
3. Earthquakes
4. Water damage
5. Mold
6. Construction fault
7. Negligence.

However, the policy does not cover

1. Normal wear and tear
2. Willful of negligence
3. Poor workmanship


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Tips Contractors All Risks ( CAR) insurance in Malaysia

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