Car Insurance in Malaysia


There are  3 type of car insurance in Malaysia

1. Comprehensive cover
2. Third Party Fire and Theft
3. Third party cover


Cover Third Party Cover Third Party, Fire & Theft Cover Comprehensive Cover
Liabilities to third party for:

  • Injury
  • Death
  • Property Loss / Damage
Loss/damage to own vehicle due to accidental fire/theft
Loss/damage to own vehicle due to accident
Liabilities to driver & passengers of own vehicle (passengers, bodily injury, death)


Third Party Coverage

Third party insurance is the cheapest and the most basic policy you can
get in the market.It protects only third party in the accident.Basically
it covers the driver, Injuries, passengers and the car you got into an accident with.
The policy will not cover your own damage.


Third Party fire and theft coverage

You can add extra coverage to cover fire and theft into your third party policy.
It will protect any loss or damage incurred due to theft or an accidental fire.


Comprehensive coverage

The policy you can get in the market is comprehensive coverage. It covers
your own vehicle damage in the event of anInjuries, death and
other bodily harm caused to you and your passenger are also covered.


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Car Insurance in Malaysia

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